Interesting Christy Canyon Facts

When is Christy’s birthday?

Christy Canyon was born on June 17, 1966 in Pasadena, California however several sources over the years have listed her hometown as Sherman Oaks, California.

Has Christy has a boob job?

Believe it or not, her 36DD boobs are all real! That’s one thing most porn stars can’t say.

Is Christy really short? I heard she was.

Christy is 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds … although her weight has flucuated 10 or so pounds over the years. Christy has brown eyes and brown hair and has pretty much stayeda brunette throughout her career, although at various shades.

I heard Christy Canyon is part Indian, is this true? If so, what tribe is she from?

I’m sorry to say but this rumor seems to be false. Christy Canyon is however part Armenian and Italian. Her mother is of italian descent and her father Armenian.

Does Christy Canyon have a famous sister?

carla-sinclairIn fact, Christy does have a famous sister. Christy’s older sister is Carla Sinclair who is the former co-editor of bOING bOING, aka “The World’s Greatest Neurozine,” editor of the book Net Chick, and author of the cyberculture thriller Signal to Noise. You may be interested to know that she also appeared in an April 1996 Playboy magazine pictorial devoted to girls of the Internet.

Is Christy Canyon married?

Yes Christy is married. She has been married three times and divorced twice. Her first marriage was to Tom Sinopoli (1993-1994) and then to Jeremy Stone (1996-1999). She has been married since 2003 to a man she knew since high school named Grant.

There are a lot of Christy movies out there. Which is her best selling?

That’s a very good question. A long time fan favorite is Comeback. Another popular movie is Where The Boys Aren’t 5, this is a movie she did with several other famous porn stars at the time including Racquel Darrian.